Why Are Your Candles SO Expensive?

Return To Orgin uses Coconut Apricot Wax. A Luxury Wax at a higher price than soy wax. Coconut Apricot Wax burns cleaner than soy wax and almost as pure as Beeswax. Beeswax being the most pure burning wax and the longest lasting burning wax.







There are multiple factors to why luxury candles cost more. In 2021, the Candle Industry experienced a Wax shortage.

Suppliers were out of wax and Candle Businesses had orders to fulfil a.s.a.p.  SO, to rectify the situation, Candle companies that normally wouldn't use Coconut Apricot Wax, Coconut Wax or Beeswax, Started ordering those waxes which caused other Businesses like Return To Orgin, who were already using Coconut Apricot wax from the start, begin to panic because, we now had NO access to our main product Ingredient! We couldn't make candles! A wax-less candle? I mean come on...we can pull of wickless but, at that point we have to switch to Diffusers, Scent Beads, P0t Pourri, Incense Sticks and Reed Diffusers.

Beeswax, Coconut Apricot Wax and Coconut Wax are already Top Tier max purity waxes. They are expensive! We're talking $10-$12 per Pound of Beeswax, $8-$9 per pound of Coconut Wax and $6-$7 per pound of Coconut apricot vs. $4-$5 per pound of Soy wax. We're not going to discuss Paraffin because we all know how toxic the fumes can be.

To Make one medium sized candle, that requires a whole pound of wax. Then we add the $20-30 shipping fees depending on if your whole sale supplier is in the same state as you or cross country. Carefully, adding consideration to the weight of wax after its been packed with other candle making necessities such as essential oils & fragrance oils.


Of course, with a higher demand for premium waxes came a price increase since supplies were low. Candle wax prices increased by almost 10% within a month. It took the whole year from May 2021 to January 2022 for Suppliers to recover and fulfill back orders. During November & December 2021, a lot of promising candle businesses just starting closed down as a result or the 2021 Wax Shortage.

What makes your candles Organic and Nontoxic?

We use Coconut Apricot Wax. Coconut Apricot wax burns at a higher temperature causing a slower burn. Coconut Apricot wax can also hold more scent than soy wax candle which provides a better scent throw.

How did covid-19 Affect the Candle Industry?

Major whole sale suppliers experienced a wax shortage in 2021, which caused a shockwave through the candle industry, leaving candle companies to change their candle ingredients, increase their candle prices to meet the new supply cost demands and some companies were not able to secure Wax for their candles for months.

China, being a major outlet for most industries, was unfortunately hit hard by Covid-19. China being a supplier for candle wax, lost a lot of employees needed to fulfil the major whole sale suppliers' wax orders. 

There were no workers, Transportation and Logistic challenges (International Trade came to a halt in 2020), Increased waiting times, Lack of Shipping containers and Dock workers, there was a lack of trucks and Truck drivers, Companies were panic buying larger bulks of supplies causing other company's orders to not be fulfilled. This led to price inflations in every aspect. Even packing supplies saw a shortage.

What Kind of Wicks do you use?

We use Hemp wicks, Cotton & Wooden wicks.

Hemp wicks are used for the NEW Rolled Beeswax Pillars & other Large Pillars.

Cotton wicks are used for the Mini Cake Candles & Art Candles .

Depending on the size of the Container, we may use hemp or cotton wicks.

Our 100% Hemp and cotton wicks help keep our Candles Nontoxic!

Why do we use different wicks?

Hemp wicks provide a longer burn and  90% less soot. Hemp Wicks are Zinc & Lead free and provide a better scent throw! 

Hemp wicks also burn hotter which can cause too much heat for the diameter of a smaller candle. When a wick is too big for a candle, more soot is produced and the candle becomes a hazard. We don't want that! We want you, your family, your pets and your home to be safe while enjoying the warm atmosphere and fragrances that our candles provide.